Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jason Atomic repanels Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur #1

Original by Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics.  Repanel done for the gallery show:  HAIL TO THE KING! A Tribute to Jack Kirby.
(Which opens at the Resistance Gallery and here on April 7th). Jason Atomic's blog is here.


  1. This is incredible,I really like the vivd colours/energy it has. What materials did you use to create it?

  2. Thanks Joshua,
    I started with marker pens sketching it out on canvas then filled in roughly with acrylic, letting it splash and dribble about.
    Then I varnished, it went over the lines in black and repeated the process many times getting more fiddly and intricate, gradually adding aerosol sprays to the mix.
    Finally I went over Devil Dinosaur's lines with a black enamel paint to give him added punch.