Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anthony Vukojevich repanels Gabrielle Bell's San Diego ComicCon Comicumentary

                    Original by Gabrielle Bell; 2010.  Look at it here.  Anthony Vukojevich is here.


  1. They're all talking about a horror movie called Human Centipede (which I have not seen). I actually first heard about it at this year's comic-con (through a conversation with my pal Rob). I figured that made this a good panel for Halloween week.

  2. Perhaps Lisa's clothes could be covered with patterns though. I can't think of her without seeing crazy patterns. However, I am an asshole for suggesting anything because it looks amazing.

  3. I almost did...A plaid pattern. Oh well.

  4. Hey Rob,
    Gabrielle sent a nice email about the panel and The BEAT posted about it:

    p.s.- Johnny should've had a plaid shirt too!