Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steven Weissman Mystery Repanels?

Where are these from?  A Ditko Spider-Man issue?  A Bruno Premiani repanel?   It's a mind-bender but here they are.  Thanks, Steve.  His awesome blog is just a CLICK AWAY.


  1. The top panel is from "Doom Patrol" (Vol. 2) #57 by Grant Morrison, penciled by Richard Case, and inked by Stan Woch/Mark McKenna. Not sure about the bottom one...

    I like the "primitive" style--particularly of the top panel. But, then again, I am VERY partial to Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, which was one of my FAVORITE comics at the time. :-)

  2. The top panel is actually much older -- it's from Doom Patrol (vol. 1) #88 by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. Morrison may have revisited the scene during his run, but the "DP/88" notation in the corner makes me think that Weissman is calling back to the original.

    No idea about the Spider-Man one...Spidey Super Stories, maybe?

    1. D'oh! You're right! Nerd powers... failing...

      To be fair, I had just finished (re)reading Morrison's run on "Doom Patrol" a few weeks back, so that one was fresher in my mind.

      Thanks for the correction! :-)

  3. I like the "challenge" aspect of this post! I was too lazy to note the source of the Spider-Man drawing, but if anyone gets close I can dig it up and verify, and even offer some reward I guess, if that's a thing.

    DP/88: Yes.