Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jamie Hibdon repanels Alex Toth's Zorro

Original by Alex Toth with tones by Raymond Fehrenbach.  1958 Dell Publishing.

Jamie Hibdon is HERE.


  1. OH YES! Can't go wrong with a bit o' Toth! AND you've done a good job Mr. Hibdon, nice translation!

  2. Thanks, I feel the same way. This sequence of panels really grabbed me, and this is the best way I know how to accommodate those feelings.

  3. Is this from the big Image Zorro collection? The drawing and design and composition, everything about the art, really, is brilliant...shame the stories are a bit...hackneyed?
    I particularly like your second panel and the way you've made the faces in the first more "cartoony"--it works, I reckon! Are you inking with a nib or a brush or maybe a Pitt brushpen? I can't tell for sure!

  4. Yeah, I found that collection at a local shop for $7 and poured over it. The first several stories are really sharp, but Toth even wrote about how many problems he had with the writing. I believe he would have agreed with you totally on that. As for the inking, I only use brushes and sponges, so I'll take that as a good thing! He has such a sharp eye for detail and composition, I wanted to exaggerate things a bit. I also tried a slightly different process, drawing out the complete image then inking on a layer of tracing paper.