Tuesday, January 25, 2011

James Newall repanels The Black Hole Mission from 2000 AD #557

Original written by Pat Mills and drawing by Simon Bisley (This is Hammerstein and Terri from The A. B. C. Warriors);  1988, 2000 AD.    James Newall's site is here.


  1. wow! very impressive "translation" of styles there!

  2. Holy Crap! At first I thought the original and rework were in the wrong places. Did you create the color one from scratch? That's some fine trickery skills you have there.

    Or, was this actually printed at some point?

  3. thanks, its traditionally penciled and inked based on the stile of john buscema, the colouring is samples scans from an early 80's comic.
    Glad you liked it. j

  4. Ah. Nicely done!

    Btw, I'm not entirely certain that gentlemen IS truly a robot...

  5. I LOVE the EC comics style font. Brilliant.