Thursday, December 2, 2010

A plug for the FANTASTIC FOUR #9 Project!

While waiting for new submissions,  I would like to take a moment to plug a great website by the Latverian Kings (Jason Young and Eric Shonborn).  The objective is to have different artists recreate Fantastic Four #9.   Take a peek at these examples and then take a gander at the site itself:
                               FANTASTIC FOUR #9 Project!

           The Original is by Jack Kirby and the recreation is by the magnificent Chester Brown.

       This second batch of panel was recreated by the stellar James Kochalka.  Check the rest out!


  1. Wow! On behalf of Jason, thanks for the plug! The project is his baby, I'm just hosting the site. Hopefully we'll get some new pages up soon.

  2. Yeah...well...I just love the site and think it's in the same vein as REPANELED. Copying covers and panels is just a lot of fun.

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